I received a notecard from my fellow Candidate in MVW Angima Eulenberg about the I AM ME Campaign and decided to be a part of it.

So this is me:

Shape: Made by me… this is my noob shape that my very first avatar had in the year 2007… ever since I twisted and redid it several times. It even survived my change into Zaara. 5 years of work… and never ceases to get refined!

Skin: Chouchai – This is my favourite skin for the last 6 months, I own hundreds of other skins (yes I am an addict) but this skin is the best I ever found to express who I am.

Makeup: Evian – I simply love the subtle look this eyeshadow gives.

Hairbase: Unbra – my favourite hairbase because it looks so realistic.

Beautyspot: Vaya Con Dios – Even tho someone once told me my two lil spots look like I have chocolate drops in my face I am in love with those beautyspots and you will always see them on me.

Lashes: Redgrave – I love the natural look… and no lashes can give that as good as those lashes.

Eyes: Lelutka – I love the pierce look of those eyes. To soften them up I added the brown spot in my right eye. I made that one myself… inspired by my RL dad you has exactly this spot in his eyes and inherited me a few tiny brown spots RL too.

The skin, shape and eyes of an avatar does not define who you are. Even tho you always aim for uniqueness it is impossible to be really unique in a universe with limited options in appearance like SL. You are definbed by the personality behind the avatar, by the deeds you do, by the efforts you put into what you do, by the intentions and your morals.

So go ahead and copy me. You will always just be a faded image of who I am.


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